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QuickCam Fusion on Windows 7

Using the logitech website’s driver does not work with Windows 7 on a 64bit machine. In order to get it working:
1) Download software from microsoft:
2) Open folder and unzip the file within
3) Plug in camera
4) Go to device manager and select the “other device” with the question mark
5) Select install driver by browing your computer and go to the logitech folder
6) Install and it’ll work!
Thanks to qcamfusi0nuser on the logitech forum with the answer to this problem!
Happy skyping!


Social Media

Computers have become essential to pretty much everything we do. Much of my work involves me sitting in front of a computer working with a combination of specialized software, Microsoft Excel (definitely love hate relationship there!) plus script writing. It’s made life so much easier don’t you think? Imagine using a typewriter! Believe it or not, I’ve actually used one before. My mom’s coworkers would always put the single-digit year old me and my little brother at the typewriter while we wait for our mom to get off work. If I need to type a single document without any error on a typewriter, I’d probably be there for a year covered in an avalanche of paper and still don’t have that damn thing typed up for you……… But enough with side-tracking. Anyway, my point is that computer is essential for work yet it poses as the BIGGEST (for me that is) distraction ever!

I’m supposed to be analyzing some data for work today, but I’ve somehow managed to start my wordpress blog, start an instagram account AND created a tumblr account as well.

It’s too addictive! Started with wordpress, then wanted to incorporate some kind of widget on the blog that will show case photos that I take. So I remembered instagram, which seems to be used by a lot of the photographers that I follow on twitter so I gave that a try. Then found out I couldn’t add instagram on wordpress unless I was using a self-hosted page (there’s a plugin for that if you host your own wordpress page). Since tumblr is an optional widget, I started looking into that. Then since, tumblr gives you a blog, I had to work on fixing the theme and the background (still working on it at this moment, but found great tips here)…… So one thing leading to another, there goes my whole day! Although I didn’t finish what I wanted to do (data analysis – guess I’m starting that now :P), oddly enough, I feel very productive!

Edit (2011-09-05 11:21pm): I’m still playing around with this… haha… but I can’t find that tumblr widget anymore. Flickr next?

Hello world!

Like how all programming tutorials starts with how to print “Hello world!” and how wordpress’s default page is “Hello world!”. I feel that this “Hello world!” has become synonymous with “start” or “beginning”. So to the start of my random blog: Hello world!

This blog is going to become my mind dump. A place where I can throw my thoughts out there, record them, make it “easier” (hopefully – fingers crossed google!!) to search and attempt to organize them. It’ll quickly become quite obvious that I’m the type to have a million things going on in my head at once. I want to know learn a lot of things, I have an interest in a lot of things and I think about a lot of things at once. So I hope through this exercise of creating a tangible record of all those things going on in my head, I can channel them into defined directions and nurture each of my interest into an expertise (or at least one of them :D).

I chose blogging as my medium for this exercise because of a second hope. I hope to get uncomfortable (thx Jstar for this provocative thought!) and reach out to others by sharing my thoughts/findings and ultimately make connections and tap into the minds of all those people out there. I truly believe that there is much to learn in life that should not be done alone. Yes, there are books and webpages that you can learn from, but through the process of discussion instead of simple absorption of information, you can provoke your mind to think. This is probably the reason behind social media’s success: people can learn so much more through direct interaction which social media made possible for anyone to connect with anyone!

With that in mind, Hello World! here I come~ I hope to bombard you with all my thoughts and please bombard me with yours.