Snowboarding season 2011/12 here I come!!!

Yes, I’m weird that way. Or you can say I’m obsessed. (I blame it on @burtonsnowboard twitter feed ^^.) Whenever school is back in session, my internal snowboarder clock starts the count down, signifying the end of summer and the start of winter (I just noticed that autumn is non existent in my calender…..) Just talking about it has me aching to glide down that mountain of white fluffy stuff!! The crisp winter air whipping across my face; that super early morning sky; the adrenaline rush…. I CANNOT WAIT! So, in the mean time while I suffer, here’s an overview and some tips on the three local ski hills.

Here in rainy Vancouver, we’re lucky to have access to three fabulous ski hills (all within 30 mins from my place). Cypress has the largest range of runs and is definitely my personal favorite! Something about having thoroughly bruised your knees and ankles on the same mountain…. correction, TWO mountains (cypress has two hills: Black Mountain and Mt. Strachan) for two years straight makes that place very special. If you will go there at least twice a year, and if the first time you go is during any peak season (Christmas and New Years period or weekends), make sure you go grab a gold metal card! Buy it from any Bell store before you go, this will be the best discount/deal that you can get for Cypress! The card includes the lift ticket for free, plus 20% discount on all following ticket purchase. Each person needs their own card but still worth it for that huge range of terrain.

Grouse is excellent for the family and people visiting Vancouver. The gondola ride up gives you a great view of Vancouver. They have an outdoor ice rink just by the main building, plus an awesome sleigh ride around  Christmas time. The Observatory is a great place to end any evening with a scenic fine dining experience. Don’t forget the annual 24hr ski: take advantage of the gorgeous view from the cut for a sun rise ski!

If you are a girl, you’re in luck! Seymour has an annual fundraiser between January and March: ladies night free ski every Monday for the breast cancer society. I’ve heard some hardcore snowboarders claim that Seymour has the “sickest” snow among the three local mountains! Also it doesn’t hurt that it’s the cheapest of the three~

Hope this tip/ info will be useful to someone out there. I’ll do another info blog of other ski hills around the area (Whistler for sure!) later. Until then, I’ll keep a lookout for snow-capped mountains!


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